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Personal Growth Retreats

Retreats that inspire the soul

At Life journey academy we design retreats for people who are committed to personal growth and living life with meaning.

There are times when you need to find uninterrupted space to reconnect within yourself so that you can discern your path and revaluate your priorities. Increasing inner awareness, your life becomes more meaningful and you become more able to and create a life that reflects who you truly are.

Our innovative retreats are designed to create positive, lasting changes in your inner world, providing a place to connect with your heart and soul and practice your skills for the journey of life.
Every retreat is designed specifically to help you shift deep-set habits and take a leap towards being the person you are meant to be, freeing you of old thoughts or habits and bringing you the clarity and perspective to transform your life.

If you are interested in spending some time for personal transformation and discover the hidden potential that lies within you, in a place outside of your home, have a look at our programs. It can be the beginning of a new direction for you.


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