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Our Games

The games we have designed are unique and powerful dynamics of self-discovery, that can be used as part of leadership development, teamwork and innovation programs. They are based on projective techniques consisting of pictures related to the mythological wisdom of ancient Jungian archetypes.

They guide participants on a journey inside that awakens the catalysing power of imagination, focused passion, empathy, authenticity and purpose, while providing at the same time very systematized results and practical tips for action.

Combining wisdom developed from thousand year-old practices with key modern leadership trends, this scientific, inside-out approach to leadership and teamwork, is designed to maximize outer impact by first pursuing inner mastery.

They provide a strong balance of relevant content, practical insights, and facilitation expertise to move teams from inspiration to application.


Our testimonies

"It is a privilege to interact with Sofia, either as a communicator, a facilitator, a coach or a friend! Her authenticity, her profound core values and belief in the human potential to develop and grow are contagious. She is unique in her approach combining the most profound and ancient inner knowledge, with the most ultimate and accurate leadership and development approaches. Being a high performance professional she is totally focused on the client challenges and has the ability to always come up with very unique and creative solutions that produce the highest impact in the organization. As a facilitator or a coach, she has a very strong presence with the energy that supports and yet with the subtleness that allows the other to shine. Hiring Sofia means inner and profound changes that last. Working with Sofia is an experience any person should have at least once in a lifetime !"

Maria Costa
Owner - Maria Costa Coaching, Lda

“This is a truly unique opportunity for an enriching experience. On one hand, it allowed each participant to embrace an inner journey of self-discovery helping us to become more aware of innovation-enabling attitudes and behaviors. On the other hand, the group dynamics enhanced the team to become aware of the conditions that must exist to create a culture in which innovation flourishes, as a source of value creation. The workshop has led us to reflect on the complementary role of two dimensions - personnel and organizational - in the innovation generation process. In a context of increased competition and more demanding consumers, the program positions Innovation as a critical success factor for business growth and leadership.”

João Martins
Executive Comission - Millennium BIM

"Both as a participant and the managing partner of the firm, I was delighted with the results of the very innovative and challenging program put together by Sofia. It helped each one of us and all as a group build insights in order to develop a leadership style better suited to our abilities and our strengths. I strongly recommend the exercise."

João Vieira de Almeida
CEO - Vieira de Almeida & Associados

"The  major current challenges that our world is facing today require us to  avoid the rigidity of traditional models, and develop new organizational solutions and leadership skills.

To meet our current challenges and those that may arise in the future in the midst of this world of  permanent change and apparent chaos,we need to create business cultures that mobilize diverse people and emphasize the importance of investment in human capital .

Hiring Sofia was a huge contribution to the disruption desired and the three days  retreat was surprising. It helped to awaken, broaden and develop crucial leadership skills as well as strengthening the relationships between team members.

The tools combine fun self-awareness exercises and activities with systematized  individual results, allowing each one of us to identify priority issues that need particular attention.

I strongly recommend the methodology to those organizations that need internal revolutions or simply to build a positive culture that energizes people."

Henrique Carvalho Silva
CEO Portugal - Santander Consumer

“I immediately recognized this holistic approach as a powerful tool of transformation sprung from an inspired mind fuelled by pure creative genius.”

Steven Fuhrmann
International Consultant, - Pratt Institute new York