The Creative You – to spark creativity and imagination

The Creative You was designed to awaken the inner creative and grow individual and organizational capacity to sense emerging futures and embrace new opportunities.

It provides a structured model for developing the skills required to inspire creativity, imagination, and the creative wisdom to deliver to clients experiences more meaningful and more delightful, than possibly expected.

The contents are customized for two different audiences:

  • For professionals who exercise leadership roles, offering reflections and best practices that will help them to develop the innovation potential of the team and awaken the creativity capital of each employee.
  • For teams, helping each person to understand his thought process and creative capital as well as how to put it at the service of the ambitions of the organization, with respect to innovation.


This is a reflective thought process supported in a multidimensional framework in gamification board format, a set of cards with powerful images and illustrations on the mythological structure of ancient archetypes, as well as workbooks full of inspirational contents and reference materials, to help each person to awaken the inner energy to practice imagination, as well as the courage to embrace the transformative power of wise questioning".


Why do clients love the experience?

“This is a truly unique opportunity for an enriching experience. On one hand, it allowed each participant to embrace an inner journey of self-discovery helping us to become more aware of innovation-enabling attitudes and behaviors. On the other hand, the group dynamics enhanced the team to become aware of the conditions that must exist to create a culture in which innovation flourishes, as a source of value creation. The workshop has led us to reflect on the complementary role of two dimensions - personnel and organizational - in the innovation generation process. In a context of increased competition and more demanding consumers, the program positions Innovation as a critical success factor for business growth and leadership.”

João Martins
Executive Comission - Millennium BIM