Privacy Policy





The goal of this document is to establish the rules for guaranteeing the privacy of all personal data received and retained by Grupo EGOR in the context of its activity in the field of Consulting services and provide a guiding framework that allows, on the one hand, to specify the control and assurance mechanisms implemented and, on the other hand, to inform the interested parties of their rights, in order to promote the full compliance with the applicable legislation.

GRUPO EGOR is a group of legally independent companies with a common Vision, Mission, Values and Quality and Privacy Policies.

The Privacy Policy is a public statement, shared across all available communication media.

Whenever a data subject makes his/her personal data available, applies for a job, keeps his/her application active and available for future professional opportunities, is allocated to ongoing and time-specific projects, participates or integrates other consulting projects, EGOR undertakes to protect that data.

The Privacy Policy applies to information collected through the following channels:

  • Egor's institutional website
  • Job advertisements and spontaneous job applications
  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)

It also applies to any information you share with us personally, by SMS, email, letter or other means of correspondence.


Within a policy of ethics and rigor, all of the Group’s companies are guided by the total respect for the information they access and the preservation of its confidentiality, whether we are dealing with personal, strategic or financial data or other information shared with us by third parties for the provision of a service or the participation in projects and on a basis of mutual trust.
The Privacy Policy stipulates:

  • The information we collect and to what end
  • Who we share data with
  • How long the information is kept
  • To what end is personal information processed
  • The rights applicable to the data collected

For additional information or to clarify any doubts about our Privacy and Processing of Personal Data Policy, please address your questions to:

Grupo Egor
A/c Responsável pela Privacidade
Edifício Europa
Av. José Malhoa, 16F – 4ºPiso | 1070-159 Lisboa

or to the email address:


Personal data is collected following job advertisements published by us and/or as a result of consulting services meant for professionals. EGOR’s databases are exclusively accessed by professionals who work with personal data. The automatic preservation and control mechanisms, the daily backups and the storage of information on secure external servers are features that guarantee the security and the strict and necessary use of the personal data entrusted to us.

Personal data may be transmitted to subcontractors for processing on behalf of EGOR. In this case, EGOR shall take the necessary contractual steps to ensure that such subcontractors respect and protect personal data. It may also be passed on to third parties - entities other than EGOR or its subcontractors, such as companies that establish partnerships with EGOR. In such situations, consent will always be required. It may also be transmitted to entities to which the data must be communicated under the law, such as the tax authority in the context of hiring procedures.

Whenever these transfers occur, EGOR guarantees that personal data will be processed in countries where the European Union considers that the legislation on protection of personal data ensures the adequate protection of your information.


We collect only the information necessary for the project and do not keep it for longer than is strictly foreseen.

In recruitment projects, we will ask for data such as past work experience, education and issues relevant to the opportunities available. We may in certain situations need additional data, such as immigration status or data regarding possible criminal convictions.

If you apply to the job advertisements published on our website your data will be collected by subcontractors on our behalf (see information in section 2).


After the consent, personal data is retained for the strictly necessary period. If the holder exercises the Right to Oblivion on data that we are legally required to store, all use of the data will be suspended, but we will not be able to eliminate it until the legal period for the retention of the data has ended.

If you become an employee of any of EGOR's companies your data will be kept in the employee file until the termination of the employment contract, plus 12 years for compliance with legal obligations.


  • Legitimate interest
    When the processing of the data corresponds to a legitimate interest of EGOR.
    An example is the possibility of contacting potential interested parties with a concrete employment offer. In this circumstance, we need to guarantee the reading and approval of this Privacy Policy and obtain consent to process the data after the first contacts.
  • Consent
    Implies express prior consent, given freely and in an informed way - in writing or through the validation of a digital option.
    Examples include consent to treat data in the scope of a given project or to process data for similar projects.
  • Contract execution and pre-contractual procedures
    When the processing of personal data is necessary for the conclusion, execution and management of contracts signed with any of EGOR’s companies. Examples are contracts signed with employees, billing management, collections and payments.
  • Compliance with legal obligations
    When the processing of personal data is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation to which any of EGOR’s companies is subject. In this context are included, for example, compliance with tax obligations or compliance with court requests.


The data subject has the right to access, correct, eliminate, restrict, object and transfer the data. To ensure the process’ security, proof of identity is required in order to ensure confidentiality.

  • Right of access, correction and elimination
    The data subject may, at any time, access the data that he/she has provided to us and request its correction or alteration, whenever warranted, and we undertake to carry out the request within a maximum period of 30 days.The right to elimination is also acknowledged and personal data shall be deleted within the period specified above, counted from the date of the request, provided that there are no valid grounds to do otherwise, such as cases where EGOR must retain the data to fulfil a legal obligation.
  • Right of restriction and objection
    By enforcing the need to obtain the subject's interest in a particular project we are ensuring the right to restriction and objection, in the use of the data and other personal information held by EGOR, while – at the same time – keeping the personal data active for other procedures, observing the same obligation of ascertaining the subject’s interest.
  • Personal data portability
    The data subject has the right to ask EGOR to send his/her personal data to another organization, without incurring costs, except when the transfer of such information, due to its extension and complexity, results in significant charges.

The National Authority CNPD ( handles all complaints from personal data subjects.
Should you wish to exercise your rights, you may do so at the following addresses:


Grupo Egor
A/c Responsável pela Privacidade
Edifício Europa
Av. José Malhoa, 16F – 4ºPiso | 1070-159 Lisboa

or to the email address: