Group Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching

Through a systemic group session we assemble the system of the organization, of the team, or both, in order to identify all the useful information about the less visible dynamics that can represent a source of some difficulty, blocking or conflict.

During the session the client chooses the representatives, objects or images available to represent the elements that make up the system at work and places them in an intuitive way in the place that feels more appropriate to him.

The facilitator, with the help of the participants moves the elements until everyone feels they are in the right place and the equilibrium of the system was restored.

This method, from diagnosis to resolution, is fast. Since it is not necessary to provide detailed information about the organization, confidentiality is guaranteed.


The areas of application of group systemic coaching:

  • Conflict management
  • Team alignment
  • To support strategic decisions on transformation, expansion or merges
  • To test the efficiency of important steps in a change process
  • To test new solutions and products
  • Diagnostics


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Caution: these sessions are only for people and organizations that are willing and ready to look at business life from another point of view!


How deep it was to our clients?

Sofia is an extraordinary person, and Ask for Alchemy and her coaching program, are a reflection of that. She brings an unexpected spiritual dimension into leadership programs in a very effective way. It is uncharted territory and it works. Sofia is no doubt a pioneer and I can see her changing the way people do coaching. As a skeptic of management consulting in general it totally caught me by surprise - very impressive.”

João Carreira
CEO/Founder - Critical Links