Technological tools applied to coaching

The Creative You – Insights on innovation

Technological tools applied to coaching

This is a deep journey of self knowledge based on innovative projective and observation techniques that enable imaginative insights.

Simply understanding that we are all creative in different ways is the starting point. For example, some people come up with their best ideas later while reflecting during the drive home. Leaving a channel open for them to contribute their ideas afterwards could benefit everyone.  Furthermore, some creative types prefer to be conceptual, designing solutions to enter future markets – other types prefer solving actual immediate problems that exploit today’s opportunities. Deepening the knowledge of the creative differences among the team is important to maximize the innovative culture of the organization.

Once finished the game,  participants will get illuminating insights about their inner challenges in the process of creativity and the way they think and create. They will understand better their energy sources and where their energy comes from.

Primary applications of the tool include:

  • Innovation skills development
  • Maximization of the innovative and creative potential of a Group
  • Group Project Formation